Name:Bella Russian
    I am:Girl
    Height (cm):169
    Weight (kg):54
    Bust Type:Natural
    Type:Independent Escort
    Provides:Incall Outcall
    Meeting with:Man


    Currency:INR - Indian Rupee
    1 Hour:15000-
    2 Hours:3000030000
    3 Hours:4500045000


    Phone:+919540023447 call and sms

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    About Bella Russian:

    2 Hours: £450

    3 Hours: £600

    4 Hours: £750

    5 Hours: £900

    6 Hours: £1050

    Overnight 14 Hours: £1500
    (e.g. 7pm-9am)

    About Bella Please welcome
    Bella to the our team! Never has the phrase a head for business and a body for sin been more apt. What an absolute corker she is.
    A gorgeous and naturally busty blonde, Bella is a business consultant by day, which is a kind of woolly term for saying she helps companies get their shit together. It’s a stressful career and Bella tells us she is in desperate need of some downtime.

    That’s where the lovely clients of Elite come in, and Bella is very much looking forward to meeting you all! With soft, supple skin, a curvaceous size 10/12 physique and a very pretty face, we are sure you will all fall head over heels in love with Bella. She is an incredibly intelligent lady – if you’ve not already worked that out – but more importantly she is super-friendly

    By The Lady Herself…
    What’s your occupation?
    Business Consultant

    What attracted you to escorting?
    I love meeting new people – isn’t it fascinating how we’re so different but yet biologically, we’re all the same? Of course intimacy and sex plays a huge part too. Sex is such a fun, natural stress relief!

    Which other Elite girls have you met in person?
    Just Suzy so far.

    What turns you on?
    A quick witted, well groomed gentleman who knows how to treat a woman. I’m a true believer that you can laugh a woman into bed – a man’s sense of humour is just as important as his aftershave in my opinion!

    What turns you off?
    Arrogance, narrow mindedness and bad hygiene.

    Most beautiful/interesting/favourite place in the world you’ve visited and why:
    A tiny village in the Italian alps called Sauze D’Oulx. The cobbled streets, the frozen waterfalls in winter and of course, the food. It’s simply stunning.

    You’re on death row (probably for shagging some poor guy to death). You can choose one last meal and one movie to watch while you eat it. Name them:
    My last meal would the ultimate indulgence. I’d have the cassoulet I had in the french alps one skiing holiday, with a ton of fresh crusty bread, baked Camembert, truffles and a lobster bisque…. plus all the champagne I could drink. It’s my last meal on earth, right?! So I’m going out in style. The film would be Forrest Gump. A classic, feel good film with nostalgia by the bucket load.

    Do you have a favourite author?
    My favourite book is A clockwork orange and the way Anthony Burgess writes is fascinating. How he plays with language, making you translate Russian slang into English means it a challenge to read in places however it’s beautifully poetic considering the story!

    If ITV (or even Hollywood) made a TV series about your escorting escapades, who would you like to see play the lead role?
    People say I look like Margot Robie – arguably the most beautiful woman in the world….I’ll take that!!

    If you were a car, what type would you be and why?
    A Ferrari P4/5. Sexy, chic and one of a kind.

    We know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what other less extravagant gifts make you smile?
    Something thoughtful always trumps material items for me, however whilst you’re getting to know me, Chanel perfume is always a winner!

    Stockings or hold ups?
    Hold Ups

    Beatles or Rolling Stones?
    I do love both but Rolling Stones just trumps it for with sympathy for the devil – one of my all time favourite songs.


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